About us

The International Coldwater Prawn Forum (ICWPF) is a non-profit organisation that was officially established in April 2013.

The ICWPF offers the stakeholders in the maritime sector to acquire an overview of the status of cold water prawns. It brings together professionals, specialists and traders in the industry to share information and exchange ideas regarding resources, production, opportunities, challenges and developments of the market.


The ICWPF is responsible for the sectors biennial conference in London as well as common information activities like industry meetings or workshops.

The roots of the ICWPF go back to 1982 when the first International Shellfish Conference took place. From the 1990s on, the sector gathered in the  Nordic Prawn Meetings that resulted in the initiation of the International Coldwater Prawn Forum.

As a consequence, the first International Coldwater Prawn Forum meetings took place in 1995 at Fishmongers’ Hall in London. In April 2013, the ICWPF became an official organization.