Presentations from ICWPF17

The booklet with presentation of speakers, sponsors and list of delegates is available here.


Click below to download and revisit the presentations from ICWPF17.

1 Cecile Landsverk

2 Art Miller

3 Keith Sullivan

4 Carsten Hvingel

5 Scott Groth

6 Carey Bonnell

7 Nick Edwards

8 Melanie Siggs

9 Richard Watson

10 Fan Xubing

11 Karen Galloway

12 Georg Chamberlain

13 Derek Butler

14 CJ Jackson

15 Tom Harry Klaussen

16 Fridrik Thorsteinsson

17 Yngvi Ottarsson

18 David Blondal


Undercurrentnews had a reporter live blogging from the ICWPF17 event – read the results here.